Implementation of a Combined Heat and Power System at a Midwest Electrocoater

Event Time

Thursday, April 30 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM

Event Information

Title: Implementation of a Combined Heat and Power System at a Midwest Electrocoater


Attendees will learn about the process of integrating a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system into a new or existing electrocoat facility. The presentation will take attendees from the planning and design phase through construction and bringing the system online. They will receive feedback on results and efficiency improvements. 

Type: Learning Station VI: Process Improvement


Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is the onsite generation of electricity with the added benefit of thermal energy recovery. This thermal energy would typically be wasted when electricity is provided by a utility. Bethel Engineering is currently retooling a small electrocoat paint line in the Midwest. As part of this project a CHP system will be integrated into the support equipment for the electrocoat line.  

The CHP system will provide 88% of the electrical and 65% of the thermal energy requirements for the line. The system will have a payback between two and five years depending on run times.

The CHP system will conserve 1.3 billion BTU’s of energy annually, which would typically come from non-renewable resources. As a result, the system will cut COemissions by over 85 tons per year. 

This type of installation, due to being modular in nature, is easily scalable for small to large facilities. Bethel Engineering, in conjunction with the engineering department at Mount Vernon Nazarene University, will have the system installed and running before the end of November, 2019. At least four months of real-world results will be shared at the time of the presentation.