Light-weighting Challenge - Increased Corrosion Protection (Pretreatment on Weld Areas)

Event Time

Thursday, April 30 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Event Information

Title: Light-weighting Challenge - Increased Corrosion Protection (Pretreatment on Weld Areas)


Attendies can learn about Henkel's approach to pretreating weld areas including on welds, away from welds and heat affected zones.  Great pretreatment results in great ecoat adhesion and great corrosion protection.

Type: Learning Station V: Improving ECOAT Performance


Light-weighting in the automotive components market is one of the many challenges facing the automotive industry. Reducing vehicle weight increases engine performance and fuel efficiency which are critical industry indicators in today’s automotive world.  

As a result, newer thinner and stronger materials such as multi-phase steels are replacing traditional micro-alloyed and heat-treated steels.  Additionally, zinc coated steels are being introduced for corrosion protection in chassis, frames, and other welded components applications.

Further challenges brought on by light-weighting focus on welding, stiffness, vibration and noise.  Additionally, the pretreatment requirements for different composition welded materials are being challenged. Henkel has introduced many specific products engineered to address many of these situations.

Bonderite C-NE N (neutral descaler) is one of the many innovative and successful Henkel materials introduced to address specific challenges associated with metal pretreatment and electrocoat of single metal or mixed metal lines.  The Bonderite C-NE N improves phosphate coverage on welds and heat affected zones resulting in increased paint adhesion and overall corrosion protection.

This presentation demonstrates the performance enhancements gained by using the Bonderite C-NE N.  Specifically, this presentation will show the phosphate coverage on various weld areas on different substrates along with the adhesion and corrosion protection advantages.