Part Design and Racking Efficiency

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Thursday, April 30 2:50 PM - 3:20 PM

Event Information

Title: Part Design and Racking Efficiency


Production Plus Corp. - Magic Rack has designed and manufactured racks for the automotive, construction, medical, energy, and heavy equipment industries for 35+ years, specializing in efficient rack design. This presentation will cover the basics of rack design to maximize efficiency. 

Type: Learning Station IV: Ancillary Equipment


Inefficient racking often leads to wasted space in an ecoat system, costing both valuable time and money. In any ecoat system, maximizing density and utilizing all available space through rack design can increase output and lower overhead costs.

To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of any ecoat system, the right racking solution is essential. Efficient racking solutions will maximize the use of available space, giving you a more cost-effective solution. The right racking solution will provide high density, longevity, ease of use, and, when required, versatility for different parts.  

The return on investment for racking and hook solutions is often immediate due to the benefits listed above. Through increased daily output, less labor time, adjustability, and a decrease in overhead costs, there will be a higher ‘profit per part’, quickly covering the expense of the racks.