Rectifier Basics, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Event Time

Thursday, April 30 2:10 PM - 2:40 PM

Event Information

Title: Rectifier Basics, Maintenance and Troubleshooting


Learn how rectifiers are used in Electrocoating, proper maintenance techniques and tools, and how to quickly troubleshoot problems.  Tank connections and safety will also be discussed.

Type: Learning Station IV: Ancillary Equipment


Basics will cover the use of a rectifier in Electrocoating.  Explanations of operation and differences in rectifier operation will be covered, including the effects of adjusting ramp time, voltage and current limits.  Interaction of voltage and current vs. load size will be explained.

Maintenance will cover common failures and how to detect them.  Preventive maintenance checks will be discussed in detail.  This will include suggested tools that all E-coaters should have on site.

Troubleshooting will include methods to get to the root cause of a rectifier problem quickly.  We will review tools that will help you identify rectifier problems in minutes instead of days.  Additional topics will include tank connections and safety.