Total Cost of Performance – Ultrafiltration Measurement Beyond Rejection Rate

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Wednesday, April 29 2:10 PM - 2:40 PM

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Title: Total Cost of Performance – Ultrafiltration Measurement Beyond Rejection Rate


Ultrafiltration element performance is often considered simply in terms of flux rates and molecular weight cutoff.  These measurements do not provide the full picture of costs associated with UF element use.  We will present a more complete cost of use concept and practical examples to assist with maximizing element ROI. 

Type: Learning Station I: Water and Paint Solids Conservation


Membrane flux, element flow, and molecular weight cutoff performance standards for ultrafiltration elements in electrocoat paint recovery are well known in the industry.  These are the base minimum technical considerations for element choice, and combined with element unit cost are often the only consideration when choosing replacements.  Concurrently, companies are challenged to continuously improve operating margins in all aspects of manufacturing.   

The total cost of ownership (TCO) model recognizes that UF element spend is only a portion of the overall ultrafiltration cost.  TCO better captures economic losses stemming from suboptimal element choices that otherwise meet standard technical performance criteria.  Considerations include rejection, cleaning, energy, labor, and quality factors, which are often multiples of the specific element replacement cost.  Through case studies and system audits we will present real-life examples of these operational factors used to improve operating margin and shorten payback time on element installation.