Wastewater Treatment Using BPT/BAT

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Thursday, April 30 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Event Information

Title: Wastewater Treatment Using BPT/BAT


The best practical technology (BPT) and best available technology (BAT) concepts were used by the EPA to come with effluent limitations for metal finishers. Attendees will learn the basic wastewater treatment technology applying these concepts. They will be able to assess their current pretreatment system (PTS), revise and  make changes accordingly.

Type: Learning Station IV: Ancillary Equipment


The EPA issues national, technology-based industrial wastewater regulations called effluent guidelines and pretreatment standards. Metal finishers performing any of the 6 core operations regulated /subject to 40 CFR 413 or 433 need to comply with the requirements imposed by any pretreatment program administered by any POTW. Wastewater (rinses) containing pollutants associated or generated during metal finishing processes need to be treated to meet the effluent limitations.  What pollutants can be removed using an existing treatment technology? What treatment technology (BPT or BAT or both) is being used to remove particular pollutants or categories of pollutants (e.g. metals, priority pollutants) from industrial wastewater? Failure to comply with the effluent limitations translates into additional monitoring samples and unnecessary costs for industrial users. In addition, as required by the EPA, any non-compliant facility is published in a major newspaper as significant non-compliant (SNC) facilities, which is a poor reflection on the company.  One strategy to avoid these unnecessary outcomes is running a pretreatment system (PTS) that meets the BPT/BAT criteria.