Applied Costs of Electrocoating

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Wednesday, April 29 2:50 PM - 3:20 PM

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Title: Applied Costs of Electrocoating


This is an updated discussion of The Electrocoat Association's "Applied Costs of Electrocoating; Considerations and Calculations" brochure.  Specific examples will be examined.

Type: Learning Station II: Management


Real life situations add credibility to support the descriptions of costs that would be useful for not only operators of electrocoat coatings lines, but also for those involved in the sourcing of coatings for comparison and evaluation of choices.  Industry understanding of all relevant costs help to keep the offerings comparative and avoid misleading the buyer or operator that may be new to the coatings business, or overcome some misconceptions of those who are not specifically coaters and do coating as a support department.  A cost of $.03/sq ft may sound very enticing as a base number for a particular coating, but there needs to be a clear understanding of all the other applied costs when making an informed coating decision.  The tools provided in this presentation should be useful for many users and adaptable for various situations in order to provide a framework for costing of electrocoat.  The brochure could be expanded to utilize and make available a worksheet as a working model that could be further developed for individual situations.