Best Practices for Ecoat Paint Ultrafiltration Systems

Event Time

Wednesday, April 29 1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Event Information

Title: Best Practices for Ecoat Paint Ultrafiltration Systems


This talk will focus on design and operational best practices for Ecoat ultrafiltration systems.

Type: Learning Station I: Water and Paint Solids Conservation


Manufacturers who focus on quality, efficiency and preventive maintenance are better able to survive in today’s global economic market. Operating as a ‘well-oiled machine’, the ultrafiltration system is a top-performing tool in the Ecoat system. Conversely, a UF system experiencing operational difficulties can cause quality defects, production delays and budget-busting emergency repairs and maintenance.  

From A to Z, this talk will cover system design and commissioning, data collection, preventive maintenance and best practices.  Helpful for those looking at a new UF System, those working to maintain a top-performing UF, and those looking to improve maintenance practices, this session will focus on the hydraulics of a UF system without discussing the merits of UF membrane construction or cleaning.