Electrocoat Oven - the Final Frontier

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Thursday, April 30 12:30 PM - 1:20 PM

Event Information

Title: Electrocoat Oven - the Final Frontier


The chemistry behind electrocoat cure and the facilties needed to achive optimal cure.

Type: Learning Station IV: Ancillary Equipment


The final step in the electrocoat process is to cure the film. The electrocoat film is cured in the electrocoat oven, a heated chamber or chambers that creates a chemical reaction to cure the electrocoat. The chemical reaction, crosslinking, bonds the electrocoat molecules together creating a durable paint film to assure maximum performance properties. There are numerous electrocoat oven types, designs and concepts available. How do you choose an oven? How is an oven maintained? Why do ovens get dirty? These questions, oven basics and the chemistry behind curing will be explained.