Fundamentals of Corrosion and Electrocoat Troubleshooting

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Thursday, April 30 12:30 PM - 1:20 PM

Event Information

Title: Fundamentals of Corrosion and Electrocoat Troubleshooting


Reviewing the mechanism of corrosion and the types that can occur. Troubleshooting reasons why an electrocoat may not be performing as advertised. 

Type: Learning Station V: Improving ECOAT Performance


Corrosion manifests in different ways depending on the type of substrate, the preparation of that particular substrate, and the environment end-use of the product. The ability to minimize corrosion of a metal surface is achieved by addressing an assortment of factors including incoming metal quality, surface preparation, and coatings technology. The combination of these factors will be dependent on the performance requirements and determine the life-cycle of the finished product. Many process factors can also affect the performance of the coating, and minimizing these detrimental effects is crucial to product integrity. The fundamentals of corrosion and how it relates to electrocoat will be presented, as well as best practices for troubleshooting process factors that could diminish final performance.